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    SlideWiki Advisory Board

    I have recently joined the SlideWiki (an online OER for presentation slides – https://slidewiki.eu/) Advisory Board. SlideWiki provides a unique user-friendly and interactive platform on which slides can be accessed, used, reused and even stored. Another special feature is that SlideWiki enables collaboration on slides – this allows for even greater online collaboration between lecturers and possibly even students. Being able to track the changes being made even has some interesting academic and research affordances. I am also looking forward to new developments regarding the inclusion of more multilingualism and so-called “semi-automatic translation” of slides as envisaged for SlideWiki. See my interview with them here: https://slidewiki.eu/2018/10/02/slidewiki-advisory-board-interview-with-prof-jako-olivier-unesco-chair-on-multimodal-learning-oer/